Nurse Call - apelare asistent medical
Controlere, carcase si accesorii

Controllers, cases and accessories

The C-Tec Quantec Controller QT601-2 powers and controls the Quantec Addressable system. All network devices are permanently monitored, so that the controller can provide the ID number of any faulty devices. The C-TEC Quantec Controller QT601-2offers connections for optional stand-by batteries, system ancillaries (printer, pager, programming equipment) and all network wiring. It comes with ametal back box (410 x 250 x 80mm) for flush or semi-flush mounting.
Software de programare

Programming Software

Programming is usually carried out via a laptop PC running Quantec's upload/download PC software (part no. QT707)
Afisaje, lampi de usa, sirene

Displays, overdoor lights and sounders

Displays are used to indicate incoming calls in staff rooms,
corridors, nursing stations, etc.
Overdoor lights and sounders are designed to increase call indication levels in large sites.
Butoane de apel

Call Points

Quantec Addressable System provides a wide range of call points with two buttons (Call & Reset) and confidence lights.
The addressable call points can make up to 7 levels of call - Standard, Ensuite, Help Required, Emergency, Attack, Presence & Attendance.
Butoane de monitorizare

Monitoring Points

Monitoring Points can be setup to generate a standard or emergency call when a fire exit or drug cupboard is opened (via magnetic contacts) or a telephone or door bell rings.
Cordoane de tavan

Ceiling Pulls

Quantec Ceiling Pulls.
Can be interfaced to an addressable call point’s inputs and outputs to increase call generation and/or call indication options.
Dispozitive universale

Universal Devices

A range of small multi-purpose programmable devices that can be programmed to operate in a multitude of ways using a QT423 configurator.


Designed to accept IR / radio frequency (RF) calls from
Quantec’s staff attack transmitters & patient pendants.


Designed to accept IR/radio frequency (RF) calls from
Quantec’s staff attack transmitters & patient pendants.
Dispozitive de apelare aux.

Ancillary calling devices

Quantec provides a range of ancillary calling devices that can be interfaced to Quantec via a call point’s remote socket.
Diverse : pagere, cutii etc.


Other devices that can be interfaced to Quantec
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